5 Things To ROAR About: June 7th

07 Jun

It has been another very busy week at West Langley. Seems like we had some kind of amazing event happening everyday. And of course the sun being out had everyone getting even more excited about summer. There really has been lots to celebrate lately so please take a minute to share with your family and friends our 5 Things To ROAR About for June 7th.

IMG_52961. Parent Appreciation Tea/Concert: On Thursday of this past week, the staff of West Langley was able to show their incredible gratitude to the parents and families of our students through our annual parent appreciation tea and concert. Moms, Dads, Grandparents and other extended family joined us for coffee and DSC_0761cake and then were treated to a musical concert by our students. At West Langley we truly are thankful for all that our families do to support our kids. Whether you volunteer at the school, support your child with homework assignments or simply make sure they have breakfast and get to bed at a decent time, you are all an integral part of the success our students enjoy at West Langley. So to each and everyone of you we say THANK YOU! For more pictures, click here.


DSC_07762. Class Act Students Recognized: This past week, we were excited to recognize our grade seven Class Act recipients for the previous two months. Our Class Act student for April was Dannon, who is truly an exceptional all-around student. Dannon works hard on his academic courses and is a pleasure to all that he comes in contact with. He understands the DSC_0774importance of school and works everyday at being as successful as possible. Congratulations Dannon. And for the month of May, we are proud to recognize Sveta as our Class Act award recipient. Sveta simply exudes positivity and respect. Several staff comment regularly on how much they enjoy having a conversation with her and how helpful she is around the school. She is an outstanding student who is well on her way to success during her high school years. Way to go Sveta!

IMG_50973. Kindergarten Orientation: It was an exciting day on Wednesday when our brand new Kindergarten students came to West Langley for their orientation session. The energy in the room was palpable as the children became more and more comfortable with their surroundings. In fact, their parents were able to leave them to do some activities with Mrs. Wong while Mr. Davids and the PAC presidents, Mrs.IMG_5095 Thorpe and Mrs. Southam, could talk about the school and what to expect next year. It is such a milestone for these families as their children enter this important stage of their lives. We are all excited to get them here in September to begin their eight years with us at West Langley. A huge thank you to Mrs. Wong for her work in preparing to talk with the parents and engage the children in learning activities.

DSC_0653DSC_06634. Staff Vs Students Basketball Game: This past week, the grade 7 boys basketball team finally had their long awaited shot at playing the teachers. After a very successful season in the Walnut Grove league, the boys wanted to test their skills against some better opponents. And while they played a great game, the teachers (with the help of Mr. Thorpe) were able to squeak out a one point win against the boys. Of course, the real winners were the fans, who were treats to a whole lot of fun.

IMG_51235. She Shoots, She Scores: We have so many talented children here at West Langley so it is nice to be able to recognize some of them as often as possible. For the past few months, grade 3 student, Sara S from Ms Burton’s class has been playing hockey. In fact, Sara has been playing in a hockey league where she is the only girl! And at a recent awards ceremony, she earned a medal for most dedicated player … being one of only three players to earn an award.

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