5 Things To ROAR About: May 17th

17 May

It has been another amazing week here at West Langley with many exciting things to celebrate, including our first ever Inquiry Fair. There was a real energy around the building as parents had another opportunity to come into the school and see what great learning the staff and students are participating in. As we go into our final long weekend of the year, please be sure to share our 5 Things To ROAR About with your family and friends.

DSC_04791. Inquiry Fair Ignites Excitement For Learning: On Wednesday, every staff and student participated in our first ever Inquiry Fair Open House. For the past few weeks, we have been working on the inquiry process, having students really delve into the concept of asking good questions and being at the center of their own learning as they construct important knowledge and understanding. And theDSC_0479 resounding consensus is that the learning that has occurred has been engaging, exciting and much deeper than what a traditional unit might allow for. One of the best parts of the day was listening to students share their learning with other students with so much passion and confidence. It was clear that they were deeply engaged in the topic at hand. Another great part is hearing staff and students already talk about how they want to incorporate more DSC_0545inquiry based learning into their experience in the classroom as we head into next year. A huge thank you to the staff who worked extremely hard and took significant professional risk to explore the inquiry process as well as to the families who were able to make it to the school to celebrate their child’s learning.  Also, stay tuned for a video we will put together which will include even more about the process leading up to our Inquiry Fair. Check out some great photos.

IMG_48162. West Langley Exercises Its Democratic Rights: The students in Divisions 3 & 4 have been learning all about the process of government leading up to the provincial election last Tuesday. As we featured in a previous 5 Things To ROAR About, the students had the opportunity to hear from all the local candidates about IMG_4813how government works as well as the platform ideas of each party. On Monday, students then participated in a mock election through Student Vote to simulate what adults participated in the next day. Unlike the province however, our students elected an NDP majority. The student had a great time during this unit and are already better equipped to be active participants in the democratic process as adults. Check out some photos here.

DSC_04993. Division 3 Is Marooned: For the past few weeks, the grade 5/6 students in Ms. McLeod’s class have been participating in an inquiry unit about being marooned on a deserted island. In highly collaborative groups, they have had to work through a series of tasks in order to survive in their new surroundings. One of the most memorable parts of this experience came this past week when students had to build shelters out of limited supplies. They worked well together to open coconuts, string together bamboo and construct roofs DSC_0494that would withstand the elements. A huge thank you to Mr. Sarazin, Mr Cantryn, Mr. Ward, Mr. Sparrow and Ms. Song for helping out. Check out even more pictures from this great day by clicking here.

mackenzie-high-paws-may-20134. High Paws To Katie And Mackenzie: Back in March, two of our grade seven students, Katie and Mackenzie took it upon themselves to raise money for a cause they are both very passionate about. During National Cupcake Month, the girls baked 250 cupcakes to sell to our students and donated $188 to the SPCA. This past week, the BC SPCA featured the girls on their website (check it out here). Way to go girls!!! kate-high-paws-may-2013-150

5. Grade 7 Office Monitors Recognized:
Throughout the course of the year, some of our grade seven students help out in DSC_0480the office so that Mrs. Swerdan can enjoy recess and lunch with the rest of the staff. These extremely responsible students were rewarded for all their hard work with a pizza lunch on Friday. Thanks to Justin S, Dannon S, Ethan S, Cole S, Mikayla W, Emily S, Zoe T, Emma S, Sarah P, Stephanie G, Mackenzie R, Katie B, Ashley S, Justin G, Mackenzie D, Lindsay P, Shayleen C, Lauren B, Sveta M, Joanne A and Mariah V. DSC_0479

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